Living the Mission:

The following list of individuals, families, and ministries include people who have given their lives for the mission of Jesus Christ.  Their goal has been, and is, to share the Gospel with a world that needs to hear the good news.  These are the Missionaries which the Temple Baptist Church family supports by Faith Promise giving. 

Some of these Missionaries or Ministries are linked to their own website.   Simply click on their name to learn more about their ministry and what God is doing through them in the specific places that God has called them.

These are the missionaries that we support on a monthly basis through our Faith Promise ministry.

Dean, Ed  (Retired in Salem, OR)

Glessner, Tim and Barbara-Lee (Mexico)

Laird, Jason and Kathy (Togo, West Africa)

Layton, Jerry and Donna (Creation Evangelism Ministries)

Lunsford, Dave (Baptist Network Northwest  Representative)

Martin, Joey and Kathleen (Congo)

Mingo, Adrian and Cheryl (Nicaragua)

Molsee, Ethan & Melissa (Togo, West Africa) 

Nagi, Ato and Seno (Nagaland, India)

Pfenniger, Fred & Lydia (Togo, West Africa) 

Strong, Polly ( Retired from Bangui, CAR)

Updyke,  Arlene (Retired from Ghana)

Waldock, Ken and Mary (BMM West Coast Representatives)

we support this mission agency through our General Fund