CORNERSTONE: Seniors Ministry (55yrs+)

Our Mission

Our goal in senior adult ministries is to empower seniors in their own contexts to continue to serve the God they love so much and make Him known.

We encourage Senior Adults to be influential followers of Jesus Christ

Our Purpose

To create an atmosphere for committed senior adults to show the love of Christ to the church family and to the unreached of our community through planned activities of a social, spiritual and physical nature

How We Minister


The Cornerstone Group meets several times a year for a Saturday noon potluck usually held at the church.  See Calendar for upcoming events.


Service Projects are in response to an identified need in the church. 


Seniors are encouraged to invite their friends to activities at the church.


· Wednesday morning 10:30 to 12:00    -  

        Bible study and Prayer, Room 104. 

· Bible Study/devotional times for the Homebound. 

        Call the church for further information.


Seniors seek 

· to encourage each other and the entire church family

· to mentor by their lifestyle, and

· to pray for the church body.

Visitation/Correspondence—everyone likes a card or a call from time to time, and sometimes even a visit


Needslink seeks to meet the very real needs of many of our seniors within the life of the church.  Those with a need or desiring to participate are encouraged to call the church office.